Mission and History

About Us

Pranax is a company dedicated to the improvement of the organization, control, management and distribution of medication and more specifically of controlled and targeted substances (such as narcotics) in healthcare facilities.

The system developed by Pranax is a technological breakthrough that decreases the equipment necessary for complete automation of the distribution process of narcotics and controlled substances. Moreover, the NarcoMedic® is the only system which allows for the packaging and individual identification of solid and liquid unit doses in the Care Unit. Our solutions must always allow for the simplification and optimization of tasks.

Pranax’s philosophy is to foster business partnerships to help improve the quality of products and services, support, and the innovation of processes and working tools for the health care sector.


Our mission as a company is:

“To accompany our partners and clients in the development and implementation of innovative solutions to improve productivity, security and safety of the medication circuit, and more specifically narcotics and controlled substances in the Care Unit.”


  • 2007

    • Creation of Pranax
    • Launch of the NarcoMedic® project
  • 2009

    • Installation of the first NarcoMedic® prototype
  • 2010

    • Installation of the first NarcoMedic® after re-engineering
  • 2011

    • Classification of the NarcoMedic® as a unique technology by the Quebec Minister of Health and Social Services
  • 2012

    • Obtained our first patent
  • 2013

    • Commercialization launch of the NarcoMedic® Platform in Canada
    • Preliminary agreements with Canadian and American distributors
    • Obtained our first purchase order for the NarcoMedic®
    • Start of delivery and opening of the long-term care market
  • 2014 and ...

    • Execution of Distributor Agreements with Canadian and American distributors
    • Commercialization launch of the NarcoMedic® Platform in the United States
    • Revolutionizing the market of medication management in the Care Unit