Pranax’s Technologies

Pranax Automation Inc. offers a decentralized automated system to secure the management and dispensing of narcotics and other medications in healthcare facilities. The user interface that enables dispensing is the same on all of Pranax’s equipment, namely the NarcoMedic® Platform and the CabMedic® Series.

The NarcoSoft® software is the management software installed on a workstation (computer) in the pharmacy which supports the management of the equipment as well as all of the parameters. Like the NarcoSoft®, the NarControl™ user interface on the equipment is very user friendly and easy to use; we can compare it to the interface on an ATM machine.

The NarcoMedic® Platform and the CabMedic® Series may be composed of one or more of the following items:

Stand-alone equipment

  • NarcoMedic®: recommended for the management and dispensing of controlled and targeted substances, such as narcotics, which are automatically packaged and identified to the patient.
  • CabMedic®: recommended for the dispensing of general medications as well as narcotics.
  • Mini CabMedic®: recommended when space is limited and the needs in the Care Unit correspond to this compact equipment.

Additional options for stand-alone equipment

  • Auxiliary Cabinet 30 or 40: recommended for the dispensing of all medication formats, including those which are not compatible with the NarcoMedic® because of their format (example: patches, syringes, PCA).
  • Auxiliary Tower: recommended for all medications that are incompatible or not suggested with the Auxiliary Cabinet 30 or 40, the CabMedic® or the NarcoMedic® because of their format.

Compare technologies

  cabinet-autonome-en narcomedic
Packages and identifies each dose at the time of the request in the Care Unit without the need for human intervention   Yes.
Completely eliminates end of transaction and end of shift counts   Yes.
Completely eliminates inventory discrepancies   Yes.
Complete traceability of lot numbers and expiration dates   Yes.
Allows for lot recalls without having to physically go to each equipment    Yes.
Capacity Can contain up to 1,248 lines of medication Can contain up to 1,058 lines of medication, including 98 under maximum security in the NarcoMedic®