The CabMedic® Series and its Accessories

The CabMedic® is an Automated Dispensing Cabinet (ADC) designed for the management and dispensing of medications in the Care Unit. It is equipped with a touch screen, a keyboard, a label printer and a barcode reader. With the addition of a label printer, nursing staff can identify each dose with the patient’s name and prescription information.

The secure drawers of the Auxiliary Cabinets 30 and 40 are available in two models: unsecure matrix compartments and secure compartments. Pranax offers a large variety of drawer configurations, not only in terms of depth, width and height, but also the amount of compartments per drawer.

The CabMedic® was designed to withstand heavy loads (150 lb/drawer) or pressure. To improve the robustness and durability of the CabMedic® as well as the Auxiliary Cabinets and Auxiliary Tower, plastic has been virtually eliminated from the design of the equipment. Most of the selected materials are resistant to cleaning products used by healthcare facilities (example: Virox) and are certified “antimicrobial”.

The Auxiliary Tower can also be configured in many ways based on the needs of the healthcare facility. We can vary the height and number of doors and the number of shelves, as well as the choice of sliding of fixed shelves. Furthermore, drawers can be included within the Auxiliary Tower.