The NarcoMedic® Platform and its Accessories

The NarcoMedic® is a highly specialized equipment for the control, management and dispensing of controlled substances in healthcare facilities. It packages, identifies and dispenses individual doses within the same system in the Care Unit.

When an authorized member of the nursing staff requests a dose, the NarcoMedic® automatically produces a bag identified with, among other options, the name of the patient, his record number, the date and time of the request, the prescribed dose, the quantity requested, the quantity dispensed, the name of the physician, the transaction number and a barcode.

In fact, the NarcoMedic® is the first automated system dedicated to the management of controlled substances in the Care Unit. The NarcoMedic® was designed to optimize and automate the management, control and dispensing of controlled substances in healthcare facilities.

The evolution of the technology offers a hybrid solution for the control and unit-dose dispensing of controlled substances without using cabinet space. A NarcoMedic® Platform can contain up to 1,058 lines of medication, including 98 under maximum security in the NarcoMedic®. With the NarcoMedic® option, only controlled substances or PRN will be dispensed without the need for human intervention by providing access to only the dose requested.

This new platform frees up more space for the management of other medications by returning complete control and management of controlled and targeted substances to the pharmacy.

Key advantages for the nursing staff:

  • Eliminates counts at the start/end of shifts and/or end of transactions
  • Reduces stress related to the administering of controlled substances
  • Increases efficiency
  • Adds value to professional tasks
  • Eliminates possible dispensing errors: what is requested is what is dispensed
  • Ends time wasted looking for misplaced medications when a discrepancy occurs

Key advantages for the pharmacy:

  • Repatriates professional tasks
  • Reduces urgent requests for controlled substances
  • Efficiently manages the medication circuit for controlled substances (lot numbers, expiration dates, etc.)
  • Simple and quick restocking
  • Complete traceability
  • Nursing staff only has access to the dose requested and not the complete inventory

Key benefits for the healthcare facility and its patients:

  • Improves productivity
  • Provides complete traceability of controlled substances
  • Reduces the risks in administering medications
  • Interfaces with the facility’s pharmacy software
  • Packages, identifies and dispenses in unit-dose format at the time of the dose request
  • Manages returns of unused médications